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Darkness and light. History and timelessness. Life and death. Transcendence and regret.

To truly grasp the implicit nature of two opposing forces, one must be willing to explore the boundless unknown that lies in between. As In We’s forthcoming album, “As Above So Below” does just that. In a journey through great heights and equal depths, through deep sorrow and ecstatic joy, As In We translates the duality of all things seen and unseen by providing the listener with a sonic map to realms defined solely in the imagination.  

Hailing from the high desert of Santa Fe, NM, As In We is a group of lifelong friends working to transmute their individual surroundings and collective inspiration into one distinct, animated voice. Beginning in 2009 as a magnetic three piece comprised of Haven Willis (guitar), Ben Durfee (drums), and Gunnar Lyon (bass), the band further expanded its expressive reach in 2011 by adding guitarist Eliza Lutz into the fold. Lutz provided a compelling new layer necessary to both balance and intensify the group’s complex instrumental compositions. This shift is evident on As In We’s debut self-release from September 2012, entitled “As It Should Be”, which consists of four tracks with the original three-piece line-up sandwiched between two tracks featuring additional guitar work by Lutz.

Now well established as a four-piece instrumental powerhouse, As In We has lost no time in furthering their reputation as genre busting soundscapers. Weaving a tight web of deftly intertwining harmony and discordance with a cunning and dynamic rhythmic infrastructure, the foursome’s energetic output commands your full attention but never fails to reward your devotion. Their long song structures exude a strong sense of story-telling marked by celebrated allusions to a wide range of musical influences. Utilizing a potent mix of post-rock, math-rock, and metal to exact their distinct and expressive sound, they triumph in their ability to unify a diverse range of creative input, distilling an articulate and compelling hybridization unique to As In We. “As Above So Below”, as their newest musical offering, illustrates this talent exceptionally well, and speaks to As In We’s rising potential as an innovative and enduring collaborative entity.


“Taking its cues from bands like Explosions in the Sky and Baroness, As In We writes crushing and ambient soundscapes that transition from quiet and beautiful melodies to brutal and mathy riffage.” -Alex Devore

“As In We is a powerhouse of polyrhythms and intricate guitar work that carries serious compositional weight in the rock milieu. Guitarists Haven Willis and Eliza Lutz, bassist Gunnar Lyon and drummer Ben Durfee trace their roots to multiple genres from indie pop to post-rock, but combine them seamlessly. As a staunchly collaborative foursome, As In We brings a fierce intensity to its live performances.” -Santa Fe Reporter

“It's getting harder to make a unique sound these days, being that equipment and other musical tools are affordable and readily available. However, As In We have managed to create a personal face of their own with their debut album As It Should Be.” -Phillip Yung; Earmilk