Photo by Adri De La Cruz

Photo by Adri De La Cruz

Cthulha is Monica Demarco from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Demarco has a fascination with the connection of physical movement and sound. Many of Cthulha’s performances have included her work as an aerial dancer and martial artist in addition to her work as a composer. Artistically Monica finds herself exploring the purpose and practice of human ritual and spirituality. Her music varies wildly from her experience as a virtuoso pianist with a love of barbarism and mysticism to her work in contemporary rock and experimental noise. Among the tools she uses are cello, bass, piano, vocals and a variety of electronics.

Matron Records is excited to release Cthulha’s forthcoming album, Always Who You Were, a collection of piano-driven, experimental songs that each reimagine Demarco’s personal experiences to tell stories of women transforming into new creatures, each transcending perceived reality. A music video from the record for the instrumental '“Your Bones or Your Bass” will be released later this year. The video, which was directed by Demarco, features her performing an aerial dance composition. The record will be released in February 2019.

FACEBOOK   |   www.monicademarco.com

BOOKING:  machina34@gmail.com | PRESS: eliza@matronrecords.com  


Cthulha Album Release + Dinner

Matron Records & AirDance New Mexico present:

Cthulha's "Always Who You Were" Album Release & Dinner: Featuring a 10-course meal paired with 10 songs performed live by Cthulha + musical accompaniment & aerial dance.

All guests will receive a copy of the album "Always Who You Were" in addition to special merchandise limited to dinner attendees only.

10-Course Dinner Featuring Chefs:
Joseph Cortez, Beth Floyd, Faron Stout & Christina Cavaleri

Music by Cthulha with accompaniment by:

Strings: Lazarus Letcher (Viola), Rosie Hutchinson (Violin) Tanya Nunez (Bass) and Elena Maietta (Cello)

Vocal Ensemble: Mauro Woody, Gena Lawson, Christy Cook
Additional Vocals by Elena Maietta

Choir: Adri De La Cruz, Stephanie Graner, Jessica Chao, Marya Jones, Hannah Colton, Eliza Lutz, Marisa Demarco, Mauro Woody, Christy Cook, Gena Lawson

Percussion: Drake Hardin
Electronics: Marisa Demarco
Aerial Soloists: Joanna Furgal and Cortney Baca

Unfortunately we cannot accommodate any substitutions.

Cash bar for alcoholic beverages.
Piano provided by 88 keys and Albuquerque Piano and Organ Service.
Live sound by Nelson Crane / Stage manager Jeff Anderson.

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