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GRYGRDNS released their debut full length, Interwoven on Matron Records on September 3rd. A concept album comprised of 10 tracks, each are named for a different textile to reflect the various feelings of each song, both literally and figuratively. This tactile metaphor helps to convey the wide range of textures and colors present throughout the record as the contrasting but complementary voices of Miranda Scott (Evarusnik) and Eliza Lutz (Future Scars, As In We) weave an intricate web around the listener. Providing a strong rhythmic backbone for the duo throughout the record is Luke Carr (STBWLIH) on drums, Rob Lundberg on upright bass and Cyrus Campbell on electric bass. Rob Lundberg also co-produced the album with GRYGRDNS, which plays on themes related the many forms of human connection both in love and in loss.



"Feel-along" with each song on this tactile-themed album with a limited edition fabric swatch ring featuring swatches for each of the 10 tracks with accompanying lyrics.

Comes with a digital download. 

interwoven: cassette

Interwoven cassette includes an eight page insert with lyrics and notes. Limited edition of 100. Comes with a digital download.