Rope I: (a flame among the blue and black)

Storming The Beaches With Logos In Hand release Rope I,
the first single off of their forthcoming album, Bailiwick Refused

STBWLIH release the first half of their double-single, Rope I (a flame among the blue and black) today. The second half, Rope II (now it's climb or die) will be available only at Mudfields, STBWLIH's special CURRENTS New Media performance at El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe on Friday, June 23rd. A hybrid performance, Mudfields will include live music, video projections, audio soundscapes, set design and costuming, some of which will include contributions from students at the New Mexico School For The Arts (NMSA). The performance features music from the project's debut release and first episode, Southwick Howls, songs from the forthcoming Bailiwick, Refused and brand new songs from episode three.

For more information, visit the event page.
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Pre-order Bailiwick, Refused here.