Another Year, Another AHA Festival

We had a fantastic time participating in this year's AHA Festival Of Progressive Arts. From our booth in the new Maker's Market to the performance by Future Scars we were thrilled to be part of an even that boasts so much diverse and innovative talent. 

Jonny Leather of Mecca Lecca took some fantastic photos throughout the event and here a few of our favorites from the Future Scars set:




Tactile Metaphor: GRYGRDNS' "Interwoven" Fabric Theme

GRYGRDNS' new album, Interwoven, comes out 9/3 and plays on themes related the many forms of human connection both in love and in loss. As and interactive play on these themes of “feeling,” the album is available alongside a limited edition of fabric swatch rings, each textile corresponding to its namesake song. 


Inspired by Eliza's synesthesia, this use of tactile metaphor aims to illustrate a greater depth of feeling throughout the album, allowing listeners to follow along with the "feeling" of each song.

Leading up to the release we will profile each textile/song to illuminate its layered meaning and give you a sneak peek before this highly anticipated release!



Originating from the Persian words for milk and sugar, "sheer" and "shakar," seersucker is a thin, puckered cotton textile. Its name describes the contrast between the smooth texture of milk and the bumpy texture of sugar, not at all unlike the song itself.



"Brocade" by GRYGRDNS Premieres on Mecca Lecca


The new music video from GRYGRDNS, "Brocade," makes its online debut today on Mecca Lecca, Santa Fe's preeminent music blog. The video, directed by recent SFUAD graduate Amy West, premiered this Monday at the Jean Cocteau Cinema to a full house along side West's two other music videos. "Brocade" is the third single off of GRYGRDNS' forthcoming album, "Interwoven" out on September 3rd with an album release on the same day at Meow Wolf with D Numbers and Storming The Beaches With Logos In Hand. Visit the event page for more details.

Future Scars Finish Tracking EP "Before, There Was Fear"

Recorded At The Decibel Foundry, EP Will Release This October


Tracked during the last two weeks of July at Santa Fe's Decibel Foundry, the debut EP from Future Scars entitled "Before, There Was Fear" explores themes around fear, both internal and external. Each of the EP's 5 tracks is marked by its own contemplative and melodic atmosphere, taking the listening on a journery through the trio's unique blend of genre-bending emotional intricacies and flurries of heart-wrenching vocals.

The band teamed up again with Augustine Ortiz to engineer, mix and master the EP, who they worked with previously to produce their live play-though video, "Good Death," which also appears on the recording. "Before, There Was Fear" will be released this October.

"Brocade" Music Video Premieres on August 8th

Indie Duo GRYGRDNS Release Their Newest Music Video Directed By SFUAD Graduate Amy West


In collaboration with local film crew Wombox Productions, Matron Records is pleased to announce the release of local indie rock duo GRYGRDNS' new music video "Brocade" which premieres Monday, August 8th at the Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe, NM. Filmed in Galisteo Basin in April and directed by recent SFUAD graduate Amy West, “Brocade” is the third single off the group’s forthcoming album, Interwoven, which comes out September 2nd. Highlighting the darker side of GRYGRDNS' deeply emotive and immersive sound, the heavy-hitting track is beautifully matched by West’s surreal, yet visceral visual language. The product is a provocative exploration of the many forms of human connection, playing on the themes of trust and betrayal in all their guts and glory.


Forming 2014, GRYGRDNS began as a collaboration between Miranda Scott (Evarusnik) and Eliza Lutz (Future Scars, As In We). Blending their highly unique and contrasting voices with an etheric soundscape shaped by the droning interplay of reverb-drenched guitar and synths, the group has created an undulating soundtrack to a waking dream. The duo are joined by Luke Carr (Storming The Beaches With Logos In Hand) on drums and Cyrus Campbell on bass for their powerful live performances, presenting an experience both uniquely emotional and highly intense. The compositions wash over the listener like a wave of silk and thunder, taking root by way of lyrical poetry that drives their meaning ever forward.   

Amy West & Wombbox Productions (

Forming early 2015 as a collaboration between director Amy West and cinematographer Jakob Anderson, Wombbox is a growing collaboration of film students from Santa Fe University of Art and Design. They produced their first video, "Music Box", for local electronic pop ensemble The Maya Spectra which won Best Music Video at AMFM in Flagstaff and the National Film Festival for Talented Youth in addition to winning Best Student Film at the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival. Shortly after, the team created a video for Santa Fe's garage rock trio Thieves & Gypsys with sponsorship from Albuquerque's Marble Brewery.

All three Wombbox Production music videos will be screened at the "Brocade" premiere alongside special acoustic performances by GRYGRDNS, Poacher Poacher (Caitlin Brothers of STBWLIH), Jacob Bird and Axolotol (Haven Willis of As In We and TOTI). For more information, visit the event page.


"Brocade Music Video Premiere

w/ Performances by:

GRYGRDNS, Poacher Poacher, Jacob Bird & Axolotol

Monday, August 8th        

Jean Cocteau Cinema        

418 Montezuma Ave.

7PM Doors | $8 Admission


Newest Music Video From Amy West Tackles Gender Identity

Santa Fe based filmmaker Amy West just released the video she directed for "Take Me To The Sea", a catchy and forlorn track by the local psych-garage rock trio Thieves & Gypsys that explores gender identity struggles. With dream-like narratives and visceral metaphors the video is both immersive and passionate and is an excellent example of West's simultaneously literal and fantastical style. 


Matron Records worked with West and her company, Wombbox, on the upcoming GRYGRDNS music video, "Brocade". The video will premiere at the Jean Cocteau Cinema on Monday, August 8th alongside screenings of other Wombbox music videos. For more information, visit the event page.

Matron Record + Future Scars Join FANTASE 2016


Downtown Art + Skate Festival
Future Scars & Matron Records Join This Year's Fantastic Line-Up June 18th

Now in its 4th year, FANTASE fest brings another incredible group of musicians, art installations, vendors and food trucks to Santa Fe's downtown skate park on Saturday, June 18th from 6pm-Midnight. A FREE event, this year's festival features two stages and eight bands, including CloacasThieves & Gypsys and Future Scars.

Matron Records will be vending alongside Axle Contemporary, Verde Juice, Initiate Skateboarding and The Kombucha Project to name a few. Stop by our booth and pick up your favorite silkscreened shirt and grab a free wild flower seed-pack featuring a GRYGRDNS single.

For more information and a full list of vendors visit the event page.