ppoacher ppoacher is the solo project of Caitlin Brothers, a SFUAD graduate and all around accomplished musician with such eclectic projects under her belt as Storming the Beaches With Logos In Hand, Loretta's Got A Stargun and the much-missed Bedlambs. As both a multi-instrumentalist and a dynamic vocalist, Brothers' highly distinct songwriting style is marked by congenial contrasts: passionate & playful, calculated & relaxed, approachable & quirky. Through this push and pull of dynamic delights, ppoacher ppoacher highlights Brother's multifarious talents through well-crafted and intimate songs on harp and banjo. Recording this fall, Matron Records is proud to be releasing this debut record in the spring which is sure to break hearts, mend souls and melt minds all in one sitting. 

"ppoacher ppoacher crafts tiny spell songs out of feelings to poach the poachers that aim to steal the magic & love from within to exploit it. These spells are both balsam & weapon, hungry mouth & ripe fruit." -ppoacher ppoacher

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