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Mountain Music, the newest release and a collaborative split by PSIRENS and SLOW PROTEO, is an ideal introduction to Mancini's dynamic vocal stylings and intricate looping work, which is effortlessly matched by a dark and dancy backdrop of synth layers and beats produced by Slow Proteo. The release features two highly-stylized covers: "Falling" by Julee Cruise & Angelo Badalamenti and "Ramblin' Man" by Hank Williams III. The former was made infamous as part of David Lynch's cult 90's show Twin Peaks and the duo conjures every bit of Lynch's high-strangeness, even composing the cover in Snoqualmie Falls where it was filmed. The re-imagined "Ramblin' Man" cover is equally haunting, with Mancini's low crone over a wash of ambient synths and guitar (featuring Mika Tarkela) which is reminiscent of both Washington state's dark, mysterious fog and the bewitching quality of Carla Bozulich's experimental work. 


The three original tracks off of the split ("Stars," "MNTN" and "theMotions") inspire the same shadowy groves explored in the covers, with each track illuminating additional layers of Maninici and Avery's creative depths and experimental-yet-still-catchy sensibilities. Together with "Falling" and "Ramblin Man," Mountain Music proves to be an exemplary work of collaborative songwriting, equally showcasing the talents of PSIRENS and Slow Proteo.