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  • Sister Bar 407 Central Avenue Northwest Albuquerque, NM, 87102 United States (map)

Megafauna (ATX)

"Where have all the riffs gone in indie rock? Why is everyone slathering twinkly synths on everything? Maybe it's because Austin's Megafauna have stolen all the gnarly riffs in the world and slammed them together with singer/guitarist Dani Neff's off-kilter vocals, delivered together with a raw punk energy to create 3 minutes of taut, muscular, yet zingly melodic rock."

Storming The Beaches With Logos In Hand

Storming The Beaches With Logos In Hand can best be described as a sci-fi new media opera and post-punk percussion ensemble. Founded in Santa Fe, New Mexico by Luke Carr in 2013, the project has the ability to operate as a radically unique band, or when the environment allows for it, as an immersive new media opera experience.


Forming 2014, GRYGRDNS began as a collaboration between Miranda Scott (Evarusnik) and Eliza Lutz (Future Scars, As In We). Blending their highly unique and contrasting voices with an etheric soundscape shaped by the droning interplay of reverb-drenched guitar and synths, the group has created an undulating soundtrack to a waking dream. The compositions wash over the listener like a wave of silk and thunder, taking root by way of lyrical poetry that drives their meaning ever forward.

$5 at the door