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A Deer A Horse / Chicharra / Jessie Deluxe

  • Ghost. 2889 Trades West Road Santa Fe, NM, 87507 United States (map)

Matron Records presents:
A Deer A Horse / Chicharra / Jessie Deluxe
October 20th / 8pm / $5-10 Suggested Donation

\\\ A Deer A Horse /// - Brooklyn

Dark, heavy, and full of tension, A Deer A Horse’s music is a rare breed in Brooklyn’s DIY scene. Comprised of Rebecca Satellite (vocals/guitar), Angela Phillips (bass/backing vocals), and Dylan Teggart (drums), the trio have embraced the raw and dirty aspects of their city and created something simultaneously urgent, sludgy, and cathartic with their newest EP, Backswimmer.

"an unwaveringly ferocious and focused sound." 
-Impose Magazine

"like the Melvins turning in a pop song"
- AV Club

"Sludgy, doom metal riffs, meet angular, dissonant melody lines...schizo-rock at its absolute aggressive, blistering mind-meld that we can't get enough of." 
-The Deli Magazine

\\\ Chicharra /// - Albuquerque

Most of the time the word “heavy” is used in reference to metal or hardcore bands. For the last two years Chicharra has been interpreting it in our own way.

We all grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, our city surrounded by sometimes stark but always gorgeous desert. We hardened in a brutal summer heat under the hum of swamp coolers, and hope our songs reflect the love and grit it takes for something to grow where no one expects.

At a house party, our audience called for one more, and knowing what was left in our pocket, we asked: “Do you want something beautiful? Or something brutal?” There were calls for each, and then some sweaty genius shouted, “Make it brootiful!” An ideal hybrid adjective for our sound right now.

The word “Chicharra” means “cicada” but also, roughly, sound you can’t control in your environment--buzzers and bells, and people who talk too much. We respond to all of these ideas, inviting a swelling cacophony into our songs.

\\\ Jessie Deluxe /// - Santa Fe

Jessie Deluxe describes her sound as heavy, melodic rock. Her songwriting is dynamic and powerful featuring choruses that, “lift you high in the air and then smash you back down to the ground.” This is in your face rock n’ roll that conjures up the grittiness of P.J. Harvey and the sex appeal of Elvis, all the while adding her own unique edge.

This fiery front woman packs an authoritative punch live with her amazing voice. As she shreds on her Flying V, she commands the audience with the conviction of a rock icon. Joining her on the stage is Diego Velazquez on Bass (Disaster Man) and Philip Maddux on the drums (Frenetic Forces, Octaveleven).

As for her background, Jessie has garnered the attention of various producers such as David Rowntree (Blur), Dave Jerden ( Janes Addiction, Poe) and Geza X (Sonic Youth). Her influences range from, Hendrix, David Bowie, Annie Lennox, to NIN.