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ppoacher ppoacher Tour Kick-Off w/ Sevda Choir!

  • Ghost. 2889 Trades West Rd Santa Fe, NM (map)

At this very moment, ppoacher ppoacher pprepares to embark on an adventure through ppockets of the Midwest and Southeast... in the mightiest vessel known to Buick kind.....the most Regal Reba Rosie Regina Donna La Dolores Dash I SWEAR the First (Esquire).......they will move through many a pplain, river, tiny mountain, Bobby Hopper tunnel, to reach their ultimate goal(s)....pplaying 30 something shows in 8 states in 6 weeks, eating as much gas station fried chicken as humanly ppossible, and bathing semi-regularly. 

This here show is a celebration of this grand expedition, this epic odyssey of goofball humanhood..... 

Pperforming, of course, we have ppoacher ppoacher.... formerly a lone banjo nerd lost afloat in a sea of intimidating shredders, ppoacher ppoacher now has twice the ppoachers and twice the banjo ppower! 
Now, not only can the audience reel in Brothers' existential dread and intoxicating thrill of living and loving, but they can allow themselves to be enchanted by the delicate and masterful! magical! ppluckings of the one true Smerage. Whoa. 

Blessing this most rapturous occasion with their ethereal ppresence, is our most beloved Sevda Choir! They come bearing the gifts of achingly epic vocal music from Albania, Bulgaria, Corsica, Croatia, Georgia, Hungary, Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine and beyond. Pplease do pprepare yourself to receieve the gifts born by this watch of vibrant nightingales, this cooch of pprophetic cuckoos.............. 

As for admission, there is a $5-20 Suggested Donation at the door, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.....Pplease do give what you can to ppropel these happy-go-lucky ppluckers toward their destiny.

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