Matron Records: We Aren't Just Signing Artists

Matron Records: We Aren't Just Signing Artists
Introducing Matron's Creative Services: Innovative Promotion For Local Businesses

When I first decided to start a record label back in 2014, I knew that I would have to think outside of the box and redefine just what it is a record label does in order to be successful and sustainable in this rapidly evolving industry. Given that my passion has always centered around helping artists tell their stories and build their careers through creative promotions and innovative marketing strategies, it seemed only natural to extend these services and the Matron vision to local businesses I support and the incredible people behind them. I am, therefore, proud to announce the addition of the Matron Records' Creative Agency, which offers our business clients the same ingenuity and creative insight we provide to our artists. By partnering with local businesses in this way, we aim to create new and exciting promotional opportunities benefiting both our artists and our clients while working to strengthen our community as a whole. 

That said, I'd like to to kick off this announcement by introducing you to our newest business, a brand-new brewpub in the heart of downtown,The Burger Stand At Burro Alley. With a well-crafted menu of gourmet burgers and a local craft beer on tap, the casual and friendly environment is a welcome addition to the downtown area for tourists and locals alike. 

The best part? Being that its smack in the middle of some of Santa Fe's best venues (Skylight, The Lensic, The Underground, The Bandstand), it is a new favorite gathering spot for all our favorite local musicians. And if you just want to stay parked there (and we wouldn't blame you), they are starting to host shows on their fantastic patio. We'd sure love to hang out with you at their first show with the eclectic Truck Stop Honey Moon on July 22nd!

You can find out more about The Burger Stand At Burro Alley by like their facebook page and following them on instagram and twitter at @burgerstandsf

As always, thank you for reading, for caring and for supporting Matron Records!

-Eliza Lutz