Tactile Metaphor: GRYGRDNS' "Interwoven" Fabric Theme

GRYGRDNS' new album, Interwoven, comes out 9/3 and plays on themes related the many forms of human connection both in love and in loss. As and interactive play on these themes of “feeling,” the album is available alongside a limited edition of fabric swatch rings, each textile corresponding to its namesake song. 


Inspired by Eliza's synesthesia, this use of tactile metaphor aims to illustrate a greater depth of feeling throughout the album, allowing listeners to follow along with the "feeling" of each song.

Leading up to the release we will profile each textile/song to illuminate its layered meaning and give you a sneak peek before this highly anticipated release!



Originating from the Persian words for milk and sugar, "sheer" and "shakar," seersucker is a thin, puckered cotton textile. Its name describes the contrast between the smooth texture of milk and the bumpy texture of sugar, not at all unlike the song itself.