Chicharra Release New Album Let's Paint This Town In Craters


Most of the time the word “heavy” is used in reference to metal or hardcore bands. For the last three years Albuquerque’s Chicharra has been interpreting it in their own way. The self-described “maximalist” ensemble is comprised of three bassists/vocalists (Marisa Demarco, Monica Demarco, Maura Woody) and two drummers (Henry Hutchinson and John Butler) and creates soundscapes that are at once etheric and chaotic, delicate and aggressive. The band’s name itself is an indication of their experimental nature: Chicharra translates to “Cicada” but also, roughly, a sound you can’t control in your environment— buzzers, bells and people who talk too much. Chicharra responds to all these ideas, inviting a swelling cacophony into each song.

Chicharra release Let’s Paint This Town in Craters, the anticipated follow-up to their self-titled debut album today on Matron Records. The album, which was written and recorded over an impressive 48 hours with Carlos Garcia, explores themes of oppression and dystopian futures, and exemplifies the group’s knack for creating dense orchestration that is as dynamic and nuanced as it is heavy.

The album features original artwork by the group's own drummer Henry Hutchinson who also illustrated the band's debut release. The CD version of Let's Paint This Town In Craters comes packaged in a limited silkscreened case made of 100% recycled chipboard and features Hutchinson's artwork on the cover and inside illustrations by Eliza Lutz.

Stream the new album below and get your limited edition silkscreened CD here.