Introducing The Southwick Radio Transmission Library


Get inside the alternate universe that is Storming The Beaches With Logos In Hand with the release of "Into, The Mudfields." This imagined soundscape created with found sounds paints a picture in the listener's mind of the dark and fantastical setting where the group's new album, Bailiwick, Refused takes place.

This release marks the launch of the group's newest project, Southwick Radio Transmission Library - an audio library of radio transmissions received from the alternate reality unveiled by the world-building project. As part of the Southwick Radio Transmission launch, the project will be releasing more soundscapes to develop their alternate world, including the first music single from Bailiwick, Refused, entitled Rope I (a flame among the blue and black), below. The second part of this double-single, Rope II (now it's climb or die), will be available only at STBWLIH's special CURRENTS New Media performance at El Museo on June 23rd!