Happy New Year from Matron Records!


We'd like to start out 2019 by giving you a HUGE thank you for all the support over the last year. Thanks to you we were able to run two venues (Ghost & Rufina Taproom), release the new PSIRENS record, Blanchard 7" and Matron Compilation, record Future Scars' forthcoming record, shoot two music videos and bring you 120+ concerts and events in 2018 alone. We really couldn't do all that we do without your support and we thank you all for helping us make more music happen each year. We so look forward to all we have in store for you in 2019 and January is already off to an amazing, jam-packed start!


CTHULHA: Your Bones Or Your Bass
An Exploration of Movement & Sound

Few projects are able to oscillate between mediums with the same grace and potency as Cthulha. The solo project and brainchild of Monica Demarco (Chicharra), Cthulha combines Demarco’s background as a classical composer and contemporary noise artist with her movement work as an aerial dancer and martial artist to build a dual visual/sonic language that digs deep into human ritual, science fiction and magical realism. The result is part music and part performance art, a duality in sound and movement that is explored her forthcoming music video "Your Bones or Your Bass" and the accompanying release party at Form & Concept Gallery this Saturday that showcases one-time collaborations between musicians and aerialists.

Filmed in Mountain Air, NM and directed by Demarco, "Your Bones or Your Bass" features Demarco performing an aerial duet with her upright bass to the backdrop of an experimental, instrumental collaboration with percussionist Chris Hurst. Matron Records will release the video online this Wednesday in advance of Saturday's release party where Cthulha will perform the piece in collaboration with Bigawatt.


To further explore the relationship between movement and sound that is at the heart of Cthulha, we invite you to a special "Your Bones or Your Bass" release party at Form & Concept Gallery in Santa Fe on Saturday, January 12th from 6pm-9pm. The event will showcase local musicians performing one-time collaborations with aerialists including musicians Jessie Deluxe, Ryan Dennison, Scissor Lift & Bigawatt and aerialists Joanna Furgal, Kristen Woods, Cortey Baca, Christina Cavaleri and Ronnie Gialouris.

For more information, visit the event page: http://www.formandconcept.center/event/cthulha-performance/

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